Waxed Cotton Shoelaces

produced to the highest possible standards


100% Organic Cotton

• 51 Colors

• Choice of 6 Pure Metal Aglets

• Yarn Dyed and Woven in Japan

• Standard and Bespoke Lengths

• Finished with aglets, according to customers, in Austria


Now offering a discount when purchasing 3 pairs or more

Woven in Japan

on two machines that are already over a century old but still outperform newer machines in terms of quality.

Before being woven, the yarn is dyed to ensure long lasting coloration and to reduce pilling during wear.

51 colours

to choose from. Ranging from summer colors like pomegranate and plum to multiple shades of brown and grey for classic shoes.

Skip Plastic

and opt for solid metal aglets instead. They look their part and surpass their plastic counterpart in terms of durability.

Available in brass, nickel, black nickel, black matte, rosé gold and gold. 

Gift Boxes

Gift your loves ones a pair of Senkels. Choose from 4 beautiful box motifs, suitable for any ocasion.

Gift up to 5 shoelaces in our large box or only 1-2 in the smaller on.e

Choose your box!

Made in Austria

All of our shoelaces are exlusively woven for us in Japan and individually tipped and packed in Austria. Due to that, our quality control is near to perfect and our order processing times are as short as possible.

Big choice of Colours

We currently offer 51 colours. From a big palette of brown shades to some poppier colours, you will be able to find a matching pair of shoelaces for you shoes.

3mm Width

All of our shoelaces are 3mm in width, which is the perfect width for elegant dress shoes.

Length Selection

All of our shoelaces are aailable in 60cm, 75cm, 90cm and 120cm. This means that we are able to supply shoelaces to all classic shoes, from 5 eyelet oxfords to hunter boots

Custom Lengths

Due to the individuality of our workflow, we are able to offer custom shoelaces. Just tell us the length that you need or for how many eyelets you need it and we can make you a pair of bespoke custom length shoelaces in any of our colours.

Why choose metal aglets?

Let us answer this question with a counterquestion. How many times have you replaced your laces because you lost the plastic aglet or it broke? Metal aglets offer a luxurious and more durable finish to shoelaces. Try them out and be surprised of their superior quality.

Free Worldwide Shipping

We are able to ship worldwide for free. No more excuses to not get a proper pair of shoelaces.