Finding the correct shoelace length

For some, finding the correct shoelace length for their shoelaces might seem like a difficult task. There are loads of guideline tables online but some recommend different lengths than others.

We will try our best to guide you towards finding the correct shoelace length for your shoes. To do so, we will explain 3 methods to find the correct length. Let's start with the easiest one and finish off with the most complicated but precise method.


Method 1

Measuring the length of your original shoelaces

This is both the fast and easiest way to find the correct length. Firstly, it takes 1-2 minutes and secondly, it makes sure that the length will be 1 to 1 the same as you previously had. Don't be confused if the original laces are a few centimeters longer than a standard length. This is due to the shoelace stretching over time and usage.

Method 2

Using a length table

The most common way to find the length of shoelaces that is needed is by using a reference/guideline table. There you choose the amount of eyelet pairs of your shoe (or the shoe you are purchasing shoelaces for) and then can quickly see an approximate length that your shoe will need. You do need to take caution tough, since this table doesn't tell you what distance the eyelet pairs are apart from each other when the standard table was made. This means if your shoe has a particularly narrow or wide lacing, this recommended value might be wrong.

Eyelet Pairs Length in Inch Length in cm
2 18 45
3 18 - 24 45 - 60
4 24 - 30 60 - 75
5 30 - 35 75 - 90
6 35 - 39 90 - 100
7 39 - 47 100 - 120
8 47 - 59 120 - 150
9 59 - 71 150 - 180
10+ 71 - 180 -

Method 3

Calculating the correct shoelace length

As already mentioned, the third method is the most time-consuming but also most precise method and will ensure that the length you order will fit perfectly. If you are considering ordering bespoke shoelaces, our length calculator is perfect since it will give you exactly the bespoke length you need. Else you can take it as a guideline and choose the nearest standard length.

Shoelace Length Calculator

Simply enter the number of eyelet pairs and the vertical and horizontal distance between the individual eyelets.

Standard lengths for common sneakers

We decided to make an extra section here for people looking for new shoelaces for sneakers from converse or Vans. Have a look here:


Vans Authentic
Women 60 cm
Men 75 cm
Vans ERA
Women 60 cm
Men 75 cm
Vans Old Skool
Women 120 cm
Men 120 cm
Vans Sk8-High
Women 140 cm
Men 140 cm


Chucks High Top
Women 140 cm
Men 140 cm
Chucks Low Top
Women 120 cm
Men 120 cm
Jack Purcell
Women 120 cm
Men 120 cm
One Star
Women 120 cm


120 cm

Common Projects

Women 120 cm
Men 120 cm