Quantity Discounts Available


Are the listed prices for a piece or a pair?

All listed prices visible on our website are stated per pair of shoelaces.

How can I order your products?

It's fairly simple:

• Add your favorite shoelaces to the cart

• Start the checkout process

• Sign in/register with your e-mail and password or use the guest checkout

• Choose your preferred payment method

• Overview your order and confirm it


What happens then?

• The total amount of your order will be reserved at your chosen payment method and you will receive an order confirmation e-mail.

• As soon as your order is on the way to your letterbox, you will receive the invoice via e-mail.

Can I order from outside of Europe?

Absolutely. Due to import papers that need to be prepared for orders from outside of Europe, the minimum order amount for international orders is 4 pairs.

The Order or Payment process has been cancelled. What happens next?

If you didn't receive an order confirmation e-mail, the order didn't go through and the money has not been booked form your chosen payment method. In this case we recommend to try to order with a different payment method.


How much is shipping?

We offer free shipping within Europe. For international orders, shippings costs 12,99€. For customers in a hurry, we can offer shipping with Fedex for 79.99€

To which countries are you shipping?

We are shipping worldwide. In case anything changes about that, you will be notified once you visit our store

When are my shoelaces going to arrive? 

The runtime in Europe is 1-5 working days, for worldwide shipping you can expect to receive your shoelaces in 5-24 working days.

Due to the current global Covid19 pandemic, it may take a longer for your order to arrive.

Please accept that this is out of our control.

Length Guide

Length Calculator

1. Enter the relevant measurements before the unit CM, the resulting shoelace length will be calculated automatically.

2. For decimal numbers, use a point instead of a comma.

Shoelace Calculator
Eyelet Pairs Length
1-2 45 cm
3-4 60 cm
5-6 75 cm
6-7 90 cm
7-8 120 cm
8+ 120+ cm
How can I order custom lengths?

In case standard shoelace lengths don't fit your shoes, you can order custom lengths.

Choose "custom" when adding the product to the cart and state your desired length in centimeters in the comment section during checkout.

What is the maximum custom length I can order?

You can order any length in 5cm increments between 5cm and 180 cm.

What if I need shoelaces in 250cm?

It would be best to contact us via our contact form or via email.

Is there a guideline for custom lengths?

When choosing a custom length, you might have problems knowing what length to go for.

Ideally, you would have a look at your current shoelaces and measure how much shorter or longer you would like them to be.

After unlacing your shoes and taking the shoelaces out, you would then add or subtract that length to or from the current length and state the resulting length when checking out.

Might there be a deviation in length and width?

Due to the manufacturing nature of our shoelaces, It may sometimes happen that our shoelaces differ minimally in terms of length and width.

This deviation is usually in a range of:

    ± 0.5mm for the width
    ± 1cm for the length

In case the shoelaces you received deviate more, please contact us and we will send you a replacement.

About our aglets

What are aglets?

Aglet is a more specific name for the tip of a lace or shoelace. Without an aglet, your shoelaces would fray at the ends and wouldn't last longer than a day or two.

What is the problem with plastic aglets?

While plastic aglets offer an economically efficient solution to stop shoelaces from fraying, their problem lies in the material itself.

In terms of appearance, plastic aglets take a yellowish fade after some time. Depending on the color of the shoelace, this can look distracting.

In terms of durability, which is the main problem, plastic aglets harden over time and eventually will break. As with the yellowing, this can happen sooner or later depending on the use your shoelaces and shoes see. Once broken, they will inevitably get loose and lost. Give the fact that at times this happens 1 week after the date of purchase, this can be rather disappointing.

Why choose metal aglets instead?

First of all, they look stunning. From subdued versions like brass and black nickel to more pronounced ones like rosé gold or nickel, they offer a more elegant alternative to cheap plastic aglets.

Their biggest selling point however is durability. If applied correctly, there is a pretty low chance they will ever come off.


Can I return my order?

Yes, if the shoelaces are still in their original packaging, you can return your order.

How can I return my order?

To return your order, please ship it back (tracked) to the address following address:

Senkels, Afritschgasse 23, 8020 Graz, Austria

When will I receive a refund?

As soon as your return shipment has arrived, we will need 3-4 days to process your return. You will receive a return/refund confirmation e-mail once it has been successfully processed.